Sunday Snap Shot: Kaden

Yesterday David and Kaden were outside playing when Kaden said,
"David, you do silly stuff?"
"Sure!  I'll do silly stuff," David answered.
Yay!  I thought, time for me to get some pictures of Kaden smiling!
I asked Kaden to sit in front of a brick wall and David to "do silly stuff" behind me.
They were both great sports, and I got some good pictures to prove it. 
I took the pictures, and then edited them. 
I think they turned out really well!

So, what do you think?

Have you noticed a change on Brittany's World?
I'll give you a hint... look up.
There it is!  The blog header is different! 
Here is the old header:
And here is the new one:
What do you think?

Kaden Quote 13

I love the way Kaden talks to and acts around Bethany.
He has always been so sweet and kind to her,
a treats her like she is his special responsibility.
Before they were home we would wonder if he would be jealous
of all the attention she would get as "the baby",
but ever since day one he has loved her and always looked out for her needs.
He used to call her "Baby Jilma," as here Congolese name is "Gilma," but quickly transition to Bethany after being home a few months.
He says "Bethany" in the cutest way possible, calling her
"Defany."  It is so cute to hear!
Tonight as Bethany was spraying water with a spray bottle Kaden said to her,
"Good job, Defany!  You do it really good!  No, that too much.  You really awesome, Defany!"
It was so cute to hear and made me smile.
He is such a sweet little boy! 

Mugshot Munday: David

David, 9 years old.
fun (ny).

Kaden Quote 12

One night a dinner we were having a lively conversation.
Then Brandon abruptly stopped it by asking if he could have some more chicken.
Of course he could, and he got up to get it.
No sooner was he sitting back down and we started talking again,
and then Kaden suddenly said,
"Can me have more rooster, please?" 

Out night routine and bowling

My parents have set a routine at night,
 so that the little ones know what to expect.
That works well for them,
but we've come to the realization that the older ones no longer know what to expect.
That means mom and dad get a lot of questions at night.
"Get we watch a movie?"
"Can we play chess online?"
"Can we have a snack?"
That quickly became a problem.
So a routine has been in the works for the bigger kids,
and has now been put into action.
This is the routine:
5:00pm Dad comes home and dinner is eaten
5:15pm David is taken to gymnastics and everyone hangs out until 7:30
7:30 the little ones start to prepare for bed and the older ones have a snack
8:15 David comes home and has a snack while the others do something quiet upstairs
9:00 bed time
This is the typical schedule, but we do switch it up.
On Friday nights the bigger kids can watch a movie before bed, and on
every other Tuesday we go bowling.
On the weeks we don't go, the older ones watch a movie.
Yesterday was bowling night,
and we also went to eat at a Mexican restaurant to take advantage of a special sale they had going on.
We had a blast!
As we were leaving the restaurant my mom noticed something.
Bethany felt wet.
Uh, oh!  Yep, out little drinker girl had wet through her  diaper again,
and we forgot a change of clothes!
Mom and dropped us off at the bowling alley and went home to change Bethany.
Kaden kept saying he wanted one taco.  Only one, and that was all.
But we knew better.   In the end, he had eaten three!
We did this last year, too!
Here are some pictures we took from last year.
See how much Kaden looks like a toddler in this picture?
It really is amazing what nutrition and a family can do!
Kaden now:
We had a blast bowling!
Do you have any special things you like to do with your family?


I would be showing a picture of Kaden holding up a plate a Jell-O cut outs (like Christmas cookies but made out of Jell-O) from last year here,
but there's a problem.
I cant find them.
I've looked all over the computer and I cant find it anywhere.
So you may be seeing it randomly at some point in the future when I do find it.
But for now I'll leave you with pictures from this year.
Note:  we were going to do these before 2014,
but sometimes life just goes by to fast for us to keep up.
So these are our 2013 Jell-O pictures from 2014.

Kaden Quote 11

One night Brandon leaned close to my dad and whispered,
"Can we do a M.O.V.I.E.?"
"yeah, dad!"  Kaden added. "Can us do a T.Q.H.Y?"
Oh, Kaden!

The Wonder Kids Diner

The Wonder Kids Diner goes way back.
Back to when the "Wonder Kids" first began.
We had moved to a new neighborhood and didn't really know any kids who lived near by,
and we wanted to start a club.
So we started the Wonder Kids. 
There were three members,
myself, Brandon and David.
We would hold meetings and play out side and talk.
We were all best friends.
Then one day the Wonder Kids decided to do something special for their parents.
So they started the Wonder Kids diner.
The Wonder Kids Diner served a variety of dishes.
The first, according to David, was macaroni and cheese with cinnamon sugar toast.
We were so excited about our dinner!
We got dressed up and lit candles and served two of the few dishes we knew how to make.
the time stamp says 2010, but it was really 2009

Mom and Dad were great sports, and I think sincerely enjoyed their odd dinner.

Fast forward several years and the Wonder Kids Diner has opened again.
And this time
the food it is serving is a little bit less odd than the times before.

We decided to make the main course a Mexican style rice and beans with chicken, sour cream, cheese and avocado, with carrot cake for dessert.
We started around 4:00pm and hoped to have it ready by 6pm.
We started with the cake.
David began grating carrots while Kaden and I mixed the other ingredients.

Soon the oven preheats and I take a turn grating carrots and promptly grate my finger by mistake.
Luckily little doctor Kaden is all ready with medicine and fixed me up.

About this time Bethany wakes up from her nap and finds her way down stairs.
She signs for a drink, and when I ask her to smile for a picture first she angrily through her blankie down on the floor. 

Now its nearly 5pm.  The cake is in the oven and Bethany is happily drinking out of her sippy cup.
Things are going smoothly and as planned!

Now we start on the beans.
I decided to do an experiment and not use a recipe. 
I just put two can of black beans in a pot and add garlic salt, onion powder, olive oil and several other spices.  I turn it on low and let it cook for over an hour.

With that done and the rice on the stove I turn to washing the dishes while Kaden and David set up the dining room.

They start by clearing off the school books.

5:13 and Dad is home from work (Yay!), and the cake is almost finished baking.  Things are still going well!

The dining room is all set up!  It looks great, and the boys even have the keyboard playing soft music.

Now everything is just about ready and Kaden decides to do my hair while we wait for the rice to finish.

The rice is finished and we make the plates!

On to the table they go and we call mom and dad to come down.

They like it! We sit them down and are off to the kitchen to finish the cake.
The boys are, as Kaden puts it, "so hungry!" so they eat while listening to hear if Mom or Dad need anything.

The cake is finished just in time!  Its a hit and everyone loves it.

We wash the dishes and clean up the kitchen.  Soon dessert is finished and everyone is happily full.
The wonder kids diner will be closing soon,
but hopefully it will open again in a few day, weeks or months.
So, now you know about the Wonder Kids Diner.
You're welcome to stop anytime you like.
We don't have regular hours,
but we always open upon request. 
Come by soon!