Kaden Quote 13

I love the way Kaden talks to and acts around Bethany.
He has always been so sweet and kind to her,
a treats her like she is his special responsibility.
Before they were home we would wonder if he would be jealous
of all the attention she would get as "the baby",
but ever since day one he has loved her and always looked out for her needs.
He used to call her "Baby Jilma," as here Congolese name is "Gilma," but quickly transition to Bethany after being home a few months.
He says "Bethany" in the cutest way possible, calling her
"Defany."  It is so cute to hear!
Tonight as Bethany was spraying water with a spray bottle Kaden said to her,
"Good job, Defany!  You do it really good!  No, that too much.  You really awesome, Defany!"
It was so cute to hear and made me smile.
He is such a sweet little boy! 

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Gandy said...

Great post! I just read the last couple of them ...been really lax in checking for new ones. Just remember that those two babies that you post about need you at least as much as you have come to need them in your life...As do the rest of us! LOVE YOU .....