Merry Christmas!!

We went to my grandparents (on my dad's side) house for Christmas.  The time we were able to stay went from 7 to 5 to 3 days...but any way we had fun.  Here are some pictures (from the camera I got for Christmas!:)
David eating breakfast on the way there.

Beautiful Virgina!

Kathrine May (a.k.a. Katie) the drama queen.

3 of the 5 girls in a family of 12 boys

a few of the 'men' going out for the days hunt. (air soft guns)

The oldest, Brad, and Lindsey 

Sweet Emily

Quintin, the second youngest.

(this is a Christian song)

Our Homeschool Christmas Party

Today was our last day of school before Christmas!  We had a very... interesting party.  It was fun!  We played games, read some of our favorite Bible verses, went to Pizza Hut, drove through the crazy lunch break traffic to the library to find that it was closed.  Here are some pics:

Inside, Mom, Brandon and David


the silly one

Whitey is getting out of here

David bringing in his Bible

A good picture

silly #2

Wordless Thursday

Ok, this is what we were up to this morning:
David was doing this

Mom and Brandon were doing this:

and Whitey was looking at my math scores. 

Wordless Thursday!

Great Beach Pictures

I was going through some beach pictures from a year or two ago.  Here are some of my favorites:
Three of the five girls playing

Like father like son...right?

My moms great hair style and styler 

See the look of blank surprize on his face? Too funny!

(At Fort Macon) 
P.S. could someone please comment? 

Sunday Laughs

This past Sunday was a 'Holly Jolly Reimage Christmas' and from what i heard, it was SUPER funny!  Our pasters Dave and John did a hilarious rap video, the kids (and adults!) sang, our youth paster sang the twelve days of Christmas song with some wonderful posters (made by the middle school youth group and Mrs. Lori) and well, from what i heard it was great. I didn't get to see it because i was in the nursery, but my parents took some videos for me.  Here are some pictures and videos to help you see what a wacky yet wonderful church Reimage is.

All That Baking!!

My dad's company are coming for a Christmas party today, and my mom and have been really busy doing...well you'll see.

Brandon and David were doing this
Whitey was doing this
And Mom and I were doing this


Yep, it's that time of year again...time for Christmas cookies!!  We had lots of fun as you can tell from the pictures.  We had quite a night of baking, decorating, and a lot of finger licking!

Goof ball!

Before we got to them...:)