Kaden Quote 14

When we were at the courthouse for the readoption,
the lady was explaining something to Kaden which he got very excited about.
"Now you will have two "birthdays," she said. "The day you were born, and today."
Kaden looked up quickly with an excited expression on his face, and said,
"Yes!  You give me a present?"

March 24, 2014: Our Readoption Day

Today Bethany and Kaden became Gilbartes, again!
When we adopted from DR Congo,
they didn't require at that time (I don't know whether or not they do now)
readoption the US, but my parents wanted to make the paper work simpler for them when Bethany and Kaden were older.
Now they will have all the paper work, including birth certificates, etc., here. 
There ceremony was closed to the public and was really nice!
The judge has adopted several kids herself and was really sweet to Kaden and Bethany.
Kaden was so funny!
After the judge came in and sat down she looked at Kaden and asked,
"So, Mr. Kaden, we are here to talk all about you!"
Kaden looked up excitedly and then glanced towards Bethany asking,
"And Defany, too?"
He is still so sweet towards her.
In the car she dropped her blanket on the floor and he picked it up for her saying,
"Here you, sweetheart!"
I don't know where he heard someone say that, but I sure was cute to hear!
Kaden was so excited when the judge gave him the folder of papers and told him it was his to keep.
in this pictures they are pressing the seal on their papers.
some how, even though Bethany had a night diaper on, she wet through it and leaked on the chair.
Oops!  Sorry!
We are so thankful that Kaden and Bethany are forever Gilbartes.
Our adoption journey to them had it's ups and downs, but it is so worth it.
They are such blessings and we honestly cannot imagine life without them.

Bethany and Kaden Pictures

This past week my Dad and I walked in our neighborhood with Kaden as he drove Bethany in his car.
The little ones and my dad humored me, and
we stopped at a field in our neighborhood where I had taken pictures of David before.
The sun was just right to get good pictures, and my dad got some great smiles out of Bethany.
This first pictures of the two of them is so serious and still... so unlike how they usually are!
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Kaden's Car

Guess what Kaden got for his birthday...
He got a car!!!
You only turn 5 once, you know!
My mom and dad found it on Craig's list for a good price.
We all knew he'd love one,
but the prices for new cars are so high.
So buy used and save the difference!
He and Bethany - especially Bethany! - love the car and are learning a lot of good skills riding it.
My dad is being very careful to keep him safe,
and that involves some rules.
He has had to put the car away for the day several times because he has forgotten to check for cars before crossing the rode.
But he's learning!
Just imagine what he is saying here... probably something like,
"Dis really cool, Defany!  You like this, Defany?"
On the road!


It's His Birthday...

I can't believe this.
Kaden is 5.
The day he has talked about for 364 days has happened,
and he has had a day full of fun and friends!
We have a chart where we were counting down the days, and each night we would make one off.
He was thrilled that he was one day closer to his birthday.
For months, whenever Kaden had something that he liked, such as chocolate milk, pasta salad, sparkling ice, pizza, chips, etc. he would wistfully say,
"I want that, my birthday!"
And the day has arrived!
We had pizza, chips, vegetables and dip, sparkling ice and soda, which are all his favorites,
and a few friends over to celebrate.
For breakfast we had his traditional sausage and eggs, but this time we didn't make it into a funny face like last year. 
He was so excited when he came down and saw the decorations!
Soon it was time for the party...
a big sugar cookie, because he doesn't like cake.
He didn't like this too much either, and only took one bite.
Bethany liked it, though!
Kaden with his birthday hat we made last night.
And then it was time for gifts!
Handcuffs, now we're speaking his language!
You are amazing.
Really, you blow my mind sometimes with how awesome you are.
You are a boy after God's heart, and He's going to use you in a mighty way.
God had already used you to work in my life.
You have shown me so much about trust, and sincerity, and selflessness and love.
You have helped me in a way that only you can.
The way you treat everyone, especially Bethany, is amazing. 
You are always so sweet with her, and would never do anything to hurt her, even if she hurts you.
Kaden, you are an awesome brother, and I love you so, so  much!

Kaden's Request....

Yesterday Kaden had one thing he wanted to do,
and he was determined to get it done.
He wanted to dress up and take pictures. 
Kaden's personality is so great. 
I sometimes look at him and just smile because there really are no words to describe him.
He has such a good heart.
Although he doesn't always do everything perfectly,
he tries. 
He is so outgoing, and trusting and funny and sweet.
But anyway,
Kaden wanted to dress up and take pictures.
Yay!  Good with me! 
So we picked out each others clothes, (with help, of course!)
set up the tripod and the back drop, and snapped away.
Here are the pictures we got....
What do you think?