It's His Birthday...

I can't believe this.
Kaden is 5.
The day he has talked about for 364 days has happened,
and he has had a day full of fun and friends!
We have a chart where we were counting down the days, and each night we would make one off.
He was thrilled that he was one day closer to his birthday.
For months, whenever Kaden had something that he liked, such as chocolate milk, pasta salad, sparkling ice, pizza, chips, etc. he would wistfully say,
"I want that, my birthday!"
And the day has arrived!
We had pizza, chips, vegetables and dip, sparkling ice and soda, which are all his favorites,
and a few friends over to celebrate.
For breakfast we had his traditional sausage and eggs, but this time we didn't make it into a funny face like last year. 
He was so excited when he came down and saw the decorations!
Soon it was time for the party...
a big sugar cookie, because he doesn't like cake.
He didn't like this too much either, and only took one bite.
Bethany liked it, though!
Kaden with his birthday hat we made last night.
And then it was time for gifts!
Handcuffs, now we're speaking his language!
You are amazing.
Really, you blow my mind sometimes with how awesome you are.
You are a boy after God's heart, and He's going to use you in a mighty way.
God had already used you to work in my life.
You have shown me so much about trust, and sincerity, and selflessness and love.
You have helped me in a way that only you can.
The way you treat everyone, especially Bethany, is amazing. 
You are always so sweet with her, and would never do anything to hurt her, even if she hurts you.
Kaden, you are an awesome brother, and I love you so, so  much!

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