Kaden's Request....

Yesterday Kaden had one thing he wanted to do,
and he was determined to get it done.
He wanted to dress up and take pictures. 
Kaden's personality is so great. 
I sometimes look at him and just smile because there really are no words to describe him.
He has such a good heart.
Although he doesn't always do everything perfectly,
he tries. 
He is so outgoing, and trusting and funny and sweet.
But anyway,
Kaden wanted to dress up and take pictures.
Yay!  Good with me! 
So we picked out each others clothes, (with help, of course!)
set up the tripod and the back drop, and snapped away.
Here are the pictures we got....
What do you think?


Evan said...

Beautiful! I think the sisters pic is my fave!

elizabethquiver said...

How fun! I love sibling shots.