Week Review, and Kaden Quote #20

We've had a pretty exciting week!
Our cousins and grandparents came,
we celebrated a birthday,
we've enjoyed popsicles,
we had a water fight,
a watermelon began growing in our yard,
I began to exercise again,
and Kaden learned how to do a front flip!
And all mixed into our week were Bethany and Kaden Quotes,
sick kids,
the regular tantrums,
and teachable moments.
The week has had some rough places, as all weeks do.
But I prefer to focus on the good things when I write blog posts,
so for now I'll stick to those.
I've also been tinkering with camera settings.
Adjusting the focus and playing with the settings.
Also just using the preset settings!  (hey, they work!)
and the watermelon...
So this story goes back about 4 summers ago.
We were eating watermelon outside,
and one of us (we disagree on who!) spit a seed into the rocks.
Next summer a mystery plant started to grow.
This is the 3d year that it has come back, and its fun to watch it day by day!
And there is Kaden and his #20th Kaden quote!
This one happened last night after he finished dinner.
I was cleaning him up a little when he suddenly said,
"Brittany, I love you."
I said, "thank you, Kaden. I love you too.  It makes me happy when you say that."
"Jesus happy when we say nice things?"
"It's against God's law to say bad things, right?"
"Yes, I think so."
then, with the shrug of his shoulders,
"I just know my Bible!" and he turned and walked away.
And speaking of Kaden,
he learned how to do a front flip!
He, along with the rest of us, are really excited about it.

More to come about our week later.
How's yours going?


Ashley said...

Hahaha!!! That cracked me up! :D What a cutie he is!!


David said...

He looks like he's doing a backflip in that last picture