David's Birthday Gift

David will turn 10 in a few days!
For his birthday, he, my dad, and Brandon got to do something really special.
You only turn 10 once you know!
Brandon and David have never been on a plane before, and they both really wanted to.
Turns out there is a private pilot at our church, one willing to take 3 people on a plane ride... And we had takers!
Kaden was disappointed he didn't get to go, as the rest of us were.
But they got to fly over the house which was super cool!
The boys - about to board!
Mom, Bethany, Jon and Kaden are looking at the picture of the boys about to board the plane.
There they are!
hi guys!
This is a birthday experience I'm sure David will never forget! 
Happy 10th, David!


G said...

Wow ....what a special way to celebrate!! The whole world looks different from the sky! Looking forward to seeing you all tomorrow. -- Love you all..

Kristen Breanne said...

Wow, I imagine that is something a little boy would never ever forget and will become one of his epic stories of childhood when he gets older. How very fun and awesome!

David said...

It was a BLAST I had a great time we flew over ECU our house and went all the way to Washinton NC and flew over some water there