Labor Day Weekend (Happy Birthday, Dad and David!)

For Labor Day this year,
we went to my grandparent's house at Smith Mountain Lake.
We had a blast!
We swam, fished, boated, tubed, hung out and generally had a great time!
August 30th was my Dad's birthday, and we celebrated that along with David's birthday which is tomorrow. 
At a rest stop on the way there
Jumping off the high dock!
Emily and Quintin
Emily, Lucy and Quintin
This was Bethany's first time tubing!  She did awesome!
Happy birthday Dad and David!
David has the same cake every year.  It started when he turned 5 years old when we were on our RV trip in Montana.  Strawberry cake with chocolate icing, YUM!
Happy birthday, Dad!
Happy Birthday, David!
We had an awesome time at the lake!
Thanks sooooo much, Gandy and Pop!

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G said...

You are more than welcome!! we are so very blessed to have the family we have.....and to have so many loved ones close enough to see on a regular basis. So many families have to deal with long distances to be together, And thank you for the great pictures you take which will continue to keep these precious days fresh in our memories!!!!