Baby Kaden

"Brittany, can I play baby?"
Kaden goes through a "baby phase" every couple of months. 
They started when he was in Congo, and have happened several times since then.
He wants to be held, rocked, and sang to.  He wants to act like a baby and wear a diaper.  He wants to drink out of a sippy cup, and would use a passy if we let him.
These pictures are from 2012:
Earlier this week another baby phase started.
I played baby with him,
rocked him, read to him and even gave him a sippy cup.
There are really 2 ways I can look at it,
1.  Kaden is being annoying and needs to stop acting like a baby (literally!)
2. Kaden is longing for the babyhood that he never got.
Most kids when they are babies and cuddled, sang to and loved.
We don't know if Kaden ever got that.
I choose to look at his baby phases the second way. 
 Thankfully, I really don't mind playing baby with him most of the time. 
I've always loved babies, and it's even better when they can instantly stop being babies and instantly be able to communicate their needs.
Usually it's  just hard when  I have school work or other things I need to do.
Kaden is doing so well overall. 
When I think about how he could be doing, I see that he's doing awesome!
But he does have his hard moments and he does test us everyone once in a while.
He sincerely wants to know God, and I'm trusting that God will work in his life and do great things with him.
So I'll leave you with some pictures.
When Bethany came home in 2012,
I did a baby photo shoot with her. 
I never had the opportunity to do a baby photo shoot with Kaden, so I did it now.
I'd say it was great therapy for him and me! 

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The Mac Fam said...

Sweet precious Brittany, you are so wise beyond your years. All those kids are so blessed having you as a big sister. Love you! :)