Waiting and an update

Time is going so quickly, yet so slow at the same time.  The first half of the year flew past, and the second is quickly marching away too. 
 It is crazy to think that around this time next MONTH, our lives will be changed forever, and we will have two new little blessings in our house.   A month can seem forever, or just a second away, but either way it is coming and will be here before we know it.
Sometimes people ask if I'm "crazy excited" that my little siblings will be here soon, and yeah, I'm more excited that I can say.  But I really don't think about it a lot, because if I do I think I'll go nuts before this never-ending-30 or 40-days are over.  Waiting is really so hard.  I know that we have been blessed beyond imagining, and that things have go miraculously fast for us.  I know that, and I don't take it for granted.  But still the wait is hard. 
But anyway I'll fill you in on what we are waiting for.  My dad is leaving in a couple weeks to go to the embassy app. in Congo, then he'll come back for a week or so and both my mom and dad will fly back to Congo for around two weeks, and then they'll come home with two more Gilbartes.
I'll stop rambling now, and let you get back to what ever you are doing, but thanks for "reading me out:)"

"That's not for your hair... is it?"

We went to the hair store for the first time today to look at and familiarize ourselves with African hair products.  We went down several isles and finally stopped to look some hair oil someone had recommended.  After a couple of seconds an employee walked over and bended down next to us,"that's not for your hair... is it?" she whispered,  "because I don't think that would work..." 
We explained to her that, "no, it wasn't for our hair," and that we were adopting a little girl from Africa.  She was very helpful and excited for us.  But it sure was funny that she thought we were looking at African hair products for ourselves!

Waiting - in pictures and poems {?}

Two somebodies are missing at our house,
and it is not our father or our mother.
The two little missing somebodies are,
our little sister and our brother!

Photo Challenge

When I read that one of my bloggy friends was having a photo contest, I was excited.  Picture taking is one of my favorite things to do, so what could be better than a photo challenge?  I bet most of the people in my neighborhood thought I was crazy walking around this afternoon in 95 ° weather, taking pictures of their flowers, but who cares.  So this is my picture for the contest: 

if you want to enter Michlyn's photo contest then go to http://smalltowngirl-michlyn.blogspot.com/ and start picture taking!

Oh, Brother

I did a photo shoot with my brother David a little while ago, and the pictures are prize winners!  He is such a hoot - here is a little about       David:

he says he wants to be a rock star, or gymnast when he grows up
he loves anything electronic
he is a little out of control sometimes
loves loud and "rocky" music
is the family comedian
and the list goes on.  My brother is a handful, hilarious, cute, and little frustrating sometimes, but he is still my brother and we all love him.
Ok, I'll stop rambling now and let you see the pictures.  Prepare to be amazed:
This one I really like!

And this one...

and this one.

Ok, I love all of them:)

Poll Number #2

Thanks to the four of you that voted on my last poll (how do you like the new blog look?)!  I appreciate that you noticed the change.  I'm planning another header, but I cant post it until our new siblings are home. 
Now I have another poll going.  Please vote!

Yep, School is Back...

Week 3 is almost over, that means we've been in school for about a month! 

Time is really flying!  Here are a couple of pictures of some of the fun stuff we stuff are doing.


Nature walk
more reading

We also make a cake with the continents on it, that was a lot of fun! 

The cake with only the outlines...

icing it

and the finished product!

Yes, we do do more school than cake baking, nature walks and reading, a lot more.   I just took pictures of some of the more "fun" stuff.

We Have an Embassy Date!

We finally have an embassy appointment!  We were hoping to be able to go in August, but that didn't work out.  Now it is in mid September.  We're excited and ready have that step done!
After the embassy appointment, which my dad will go to, he will come home for about two weeks.
After that my parents will go to bring them home and be in the country any where from a week to a month, but probably about two weeks. 
By the grace of God, they'll come home soon!

Guess who found the camera...

Yep, it was David.

And he is becoming quite the photographer...

his subject:  the Toddler Room

It's fun...

and the cute little chair...

and himself

So what do you think of his new talent and great pictures? 
I'm sure he'd love to read your comments! 


Taking pictures is a hobby of mine, one that  I really enjoy.  Today for school we went on a nature walk, and I was able to get some really good photos.  Here are couple:

Junk Day

If you're not in our family you have probably never heard of this holiday, but (to us at least)  it is very important.  It is called

Junk Day

A little background:  Four years ago or so, my mom needed an undisturbed day to get everything ready for the coming school year.  So she started: 
Junk day
Junk day is the only day of the year when the kids in our family have unlimited electronic time.  On a normal day we have 30 minutes of "computer time" a day, that can be spent when ever we like if it is ok with Mom. 
For Brandon and David, junk day means a glorious 12 hours of playing wii, and for me it means a great time to update my blog and look at others.

 I interviewed Brandon and David and asked different questions about junk day.  Here are there replies word for word:
Me:  So what is your favorite thing about Junk Day?

David:  Because you get to play computer every part of the day.  And you don't have to brush your teeth!  Just kidding.

Brandon:  I like... the power to go and play wii with out asking.  David, your computer time is up, isn't it? (yep, we closely moniter our time on days that aren't junk days)

Me:  What do you do mostly?

David:  Computer

Brandon:  Wii.

Me:  What kinds of games do you play?

David:  Club penguin. Well this time.

Brandon:  Well I don't know, I play... I don't know.

Me:  How much do you look foward to junk day each year?

David:  a lot.  I can't do it from one to ten.  Just a lot. 

Brandon:  Not too much... propbably like... yeah I do look foward like 7 out of 10.

Me:  How much do you think our new brother will like junk day next year?

David:  A lot!  He'll probably play leapster.

Brandon:  Probably a 5.

Travel Vaccinations Done!!

A couple of days ago my mom and dad got their travel vaccinations.  One more step done! 

Please continue to pray for our family as we prepare for our new little ones. 
Pray that God will prepare our heart,  and theirs for the changes, and that we'll be able to bring them home soon!

Review of the 1st week of school

So, week 1 is almost over.  It has been a good first week, very different from all the other years.  We are using Our Father's World this year for the first time.  For the past six years of homeschooling our family has used Sunlight.  In Our Father's World, we have a 'group school' time where my mom teaches all of us Bible, geography, music/art, literature, science and social studies.  Then we do work on the those subjects on our own levels.  After 'group school' we work individually on math, spelling, grammar and writing/handwriting, and that is pretty much our school day.  On Mondays, starting in late August or early September, I will be going to co-op classes for photography and computer science with other home schooled kids.  We are also getting together with some other families to do science labs.

Here are some pictures of our first week: