Review of the 1st week of school

So, week 1 is almost over.  It has been a good first week, very different from all the other years.  We are using Our Father's World this year for the first time.  For the past six years of homeschooling our family has used Sunlight.  In Our Father's World, we have a 'group school' time where my mom teaches all of us Bible, geography, music/art, literature, science and social studies.  Then we do work on the those subjects on our own levels.  After 'group school' we work individually on math, spelling, grammar and writing/handwriting, and that is pretty much our school day.  On Mondays, starting in late August or early September, I will be going to co-op classes for photography and computer science with other home schooled kids.  We are also getting together with some other families to do science labs.

Here are some pictures of our first week:

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