Junk Day

If you're not in our family you have probably never heard of this holiday, but (to us at least)  it is very important.  It is called

Junk Day

A little background:  Four years ago or so, my mom needed an undisturbed day to get everything ready for the coming school year.  So she started: 
Junk day
Junk day is the only day of the year when the kids in our family have unlimited electronic time.  On a normal day we have 30 minutes of "computer time" a day, that can be spent when ever we like if it is ok with Mom. 
For Brandon and David, junk day means a glorious 12 hours of playing wii, and for me it means a great time to update my blog and look at others.

 I interviewed Brandon and David and asked different questions about junk day.  Here are there replies word for word:
Me:  So what is your favorite thing about Junk Day?

David:  Because you get to play computer every part of the day.  And you don't have to brush your teeth!  Just kidding.

Brandon:  I like... the power to go and play wii with out asking.  David, your computer time is up, isn't it? (yep, we closely moniter our time on days that aren't junk days)

Me:  What do you do mostly?

David:  Computer

Brandon:  Wii.

Me:  What kinds of games do you play?

David:  Club penguin. Well this time.

Brandon:  Well I don't know, I play... I don't know.

Me:  How much do you look foward to junk day each year?

David:  a lot.  I can't do it from one to ten.  Just a lot. 

Brandon:  Not too much... propbably like... yeah I do look foward like 7 out of 10.

Me:  How much do you think our new brother will like junk day next year?

David:  A lot!  He'll probably play leapster.

Brandon:  Probably a 5.


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What a great idea!!!! Of course we have several junk days a year. Oh well. The idea is wonderful!

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