A House Full of Gilbartes Again!!

My cousins came to visit again!  It was a surprise to the kids in their family, it was my cousin Kevin's birthday, and they took him to the zoo.  The zoo was three hours away from our house so they came here afterwards!  The only stayed for one whole day, (got here Monday night, left Wednesday  morning) but it was good to see them for that long.  The last time they came, they stayed for a grand total of... 18 hours.  Brandon and I were getting baptized, and my uncle and the four oldest boys surprised us.  They just showed up and David's basket ball game!

Liam was here too, when they came, and Emily enjoyed playing with him:)

A video once again

A group came to our youth group yesterday (tvonelife) and did some skits and talked and things like that.   We got to see a video that they made from one of their missions trips that i liked.

Once Again...Waiting.

Yes, once again we are waiting for something in Congo to happen.  Hopefully we can stop waiting and start working within two weeks, but as with everything else that has to do with adopting we have a lot of "not sures."

What could ever stop us?

There was a problem with something in Congo that made it so we couldn't proceed with adopting the siblings we had been referred to.  But we heard about a week ago that we can go on with our adoption!!  We are all really excited, please keep praying for us!!

If our God is for us, then who could ever stop us? 

Valentines Day 2012 and Liam

We had an ice cream party for Valentines Day!!  Dad came home for lunch and it was great!  

Liam came again today.  He is such a sweet baby!  He slept half the time, though.

A wonderful blog!!

Hi, everyone.  I have been wanting to write a post about this but havent gotten around to it yet.  My Aunt, Uncle, and their four kids at home are about to welcome another addition from Korea.  I love my Aunt's blog, and they are selling some really great adoption shirts.  Your can see their blog here:  http://minus1project.blogspot.com/
Minus 1 ProjectSome sample pictures:

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Please read this! It is so powerful.

True Journey of Love: While We Wait....: While we wait for the perfect timing... they hope they can wait another day. While we wait for more money... they wait with nothing. ...

Oh, Brothers!!

Brandon and David have been busy today... When mom and i were about to go out of the school room, this is what we found:
They stacked all the pillows etc. against the door.

They made a... a... i don't know exactly what it is.

the opening

the inside

Our favorite family movies

Here are a few movies that our family loves.  The majority are Christian, and they are all appropriate for young children.  There are so many movies that aren't the best for Christian families, but these are fun and beneficial.  All add some movies later as i remember/find more.
This is the first movie in the Mandie Shaw series.  
This is the third and most recent movie in the Mandie series. 
This is the second movie in the Mandie series. 

This is a movie that a family of seven made. 

This is a great movie based on a true story.

the Sugar Creek Gang, a definite favorite!

That is all i have so far, but i'll add more!

Read Through

The read through for the play i am in went well last night.  I wish i had a picture or something, but i'll take some at practices.  A few of my good friends are in the play, and i figured out that my mother/older friend (in the play) is a girl from my swim club.  It is going well!


Babysitting from 8:30 to 12:30 am
Cousins basketball game
baseball evaluations
football banquet
script read through

Superbowl Sunday

We had a nice Sunday with some friends to watch the Superbowl and eat:)  Here are some pictures:

Bye-bye Allie and Rylen:(

We said good-bye to Rylen and Allie yesterday.  I miss them... but it is nice to have a break.

Sorry that i don't have any pictures of Allie, she was taking a nap when ever i had the camera out. 

They are Napping... Day Three

Day three went well...  Rylen has been doing better. Sadly they are leaving Sunday.

Eating, hurray! 


Taking a break