Read Through

The read through for the play i am in went well last night.  I wish i had a picture or something, but i'll take some at practices.  A few of my good friends are in the play, and i figured out that my mother/older friend (in the play) is a girl from my swim club.  It is going well!


Beka said...

I love doing plays! I have been in a couple, and hope I can do more! what is the play about?

Brittany said...

Hi, Beka!

The play i am in is The Jungle Book. I am the Village Girl, (Dari). The theatre website is

What plays have you been in? Does your theatre have a website?

Beka said...

Hey, Brittany!

That's soo cool! i have been in, cinderella, Beauty and the beast and sleeping beauty. no my does not have a website, I do it with my school. (Big lake mn.)