Kaden Update

So how is he doing?
Great!  Kaden is absolutely thriving!
He keeps us on our toes, he keeps us laughing, he keeps us busy.
He is a lot of fun, but he is a human, and so a lot of work, too.
Kaden is currently on a 3 week break from his Montessori school that he goes to from 9am to 12pm on week days. 
He is doing so well in it! 
He thrives in a hands-on educational setting, and loves playing, making things, and asking questions, all while learning!
It also gives us a nice break to do some work at home.
Several times a week he will get up from his nap begging to "make some-bing".
He and Bethany are now sharing a room, (more on that later!)
and he's doing pretty well with that.
He still has accidents about 2-5 times a week, but only at night or when he waits too long during the day.
Kaden is an early bird, and usually gets up about 7 am. 
I am not an early bird, but thankfully my dad is, so  he and Kaden have some time together then. 
When he first came home, he couldn't really do puzzles, and nothing electronic would hold his interest for very long.  On electronic games he would randomly push buttons instead of getting into the game.
He has come so far!
Now he is working on Star Fall (a educational computer game) and learning on it!
He can say the days of the week, he recognizes most letters and numbers, and can count up to about 11 where he starts to get mixed up.
He is very strong, and has a very muscular build.  He can eat as much (or more!) then my dad and has no lack of appetite, though he is learning how to "save some for later".
One of the biggest things we are working on now is not saying WHY after everything.
A few weeks after coming home, he began to show interest in English and learning his new language. 
Then he would say, "whopee?" after we said something, meaning "where" in Lingala. 
He started to say it as a way for us to explain what we meant.
Later it transitioned to "why?" and now that he completely understands English,
he still has the habit of saying "why?" or "what?" after nearly everything we say to him.
for example,
"Kaden, can you come here?"
"can you come here?"
no response.
"Let's go outside."
no response.
It has gotten old very quickly... but we are working on it.
Kaden is an awesome little brother,
and even though he can be challenging, he is such a joy!
We love you, Kaden!

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Gandy said...

When I read your posts it seems that I am In the room with you! You make it seem as if I were looking over your shoulder while you watch what is going on around you!
You bring your worlds to life and I can almost look around and see your family in action......Love to all