The Wonder Kids Diner

The Wonder Kids Diner goes way back.
Back to when the "Wonder Kids" first began.
We had moved to a new neighborhood and didn't really know any kids who lived near by,
and we wanted to start a club.
So we started the Wonder Kids. 
There were three members,
myself, Brandon and David.
We would hold meetings and play out side and talk.
We were all best friends.
Then one day the Wonder Kids decided to do something special for their parents.
So they started the Wonder Kids diner.
The Wonder Kids Diner served a variety of dishes.
The first, according to David, was macaroni and cheese with cinnamon sugar toast.
We were so excited about our dinner!
We got dressed up and lit candles and served two of the few dishes we knew how to make.
the time stamp says 2010, but it was really 2009

Mom and Dad were great sports, and I think sincerely enjoyed their odd dinner.

Fast forward several years and the Wonder Kids Diner has opened again.
And this time
the food it is serving is a little bit less odd than the times before.

We decided to make the main course a Mexican style rice and beans with chicken, sour cream, cheese and avocado, with carrot cake for dessert.
We started around 4:00pm and hoped to have it ready by 6pm.
We started with the cake.
David began grating carrots while Kaden and I mixed the other ingredients.

Soon the oven preheats and I take a turn grating carrots and promptly grate my finger by mistake.
Luckily little doctor Kaden is all ready with medicine and fixed me up.

About this time Bethany wakes up from her nap and finds her way down stairs.
She signs for a drink, and when I ask her to smile for a picture first she angrily through her blankie down on the floor. 

Now its nearly 5pm.  The cake is in the oven and Bethany is happily drinking out of her sippy cup.
Things are going smoothly and as planned!

Now we start on the beans.
I decided to do an experiment and not use a recipe. 
I just put two can of black beans in a pot and add garlic salt, onion powder, olive oil and several other spices.  I turn it on low and let it cook for over an hour.

With that done and the rice on the stove I turn to washing the dishes while Kaden and David set up the dining room.

They start by clearing off the school books.

5:13 and Dad is home from work (Yay!), and the cake is almost finished baking.  Things are still going well!

The dining room is all set up!  It looks great, and the boys even have the keyboard playing soft music.

Now everything is just about ready and Kaden decides to do my hair while we wait for the rice to finish.

The rice is finished and we make the plates!

On to the table they go and we call mom and dad to come down.

They like it! We sit them down and are off to the kitchen to finish the cake.
The boys are, as Kaden puts it, "so hungry!" so they eat while listening to hear if Mom or Dad need anything.

The cake is finished just in time!  Its a hit and everyone loves it.

We wash the dishes and clean up the kitchen.  Soon dessert is finished and everyone is happily full.
The wonder kids diner will be closing soon,
but hopefully it will open again in a few day, weeks or months.
So, now you know about the Wonder Kids Diner.
You're welcome to stop anytime you like.
We don't have regular hours,
but we always open upon request. 
Come by soon!


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Gandy said...

You can count on Pop and me..can't wait to taste...your food looked delicious! Seems you have a plan in place if dinner is ready and the cooks are ready for a dinner break too. Again , I am in awe of all you accomplish!!And I love you guys...........