Yard Sales Rock! Getting Ready for Our Little Ones

My mom and I went to yard sales this past Saturday and got some really adorable things.  For our little girl, (almost two weeks old) we found some adorable clothes.   I love to look her teeny bathing suit and onesies and shoes!

We also found a baby rocker, which we almost did not buy, because it was looked dirty etc.  But we did and after a good washing, scrubbing and change of batteries, it was as good as new!

We got lots of nice clothes for our 2 1/2 year old little boy, too.  We found some really cute pajamas:


 We also got some bath toys, finger paint and other things.

Bath toys!!

Finger paint: messy, but really fun!

And a bouncy seat for when our little girl is old enough to use it:)

I love buy things for my new little brother and sister, it is one of my favorite things to do, and I love to think about them and look forward to their arrival.  But still, getting these things makes my heart ache when I look at all the little clothes we got for Benjamin, and remember how much I loved buying his little things.  We had some things for Chance, too, but we didn't know what size clothes she wore, so we don't have as many things that we got for her.                          Benjamin's closet:

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running4him said...

Sweet!! Yard sales are the best~~~