Kaden Quotes #3

Yep, I have another Kaden quote!
Today we were shopping for a coat for Bethany,
 and Kaden was looking at shoes.
Something that is really cool about having an internationally adopted brother is that he doesn't
really understand how most people view pink things and dolls as "girl" things.
He likes pink things and baby dolls almost as much as his other toys.
Anyway, he picked out a pair of bright pink crocs and was looking at them.
After trying them on he set them down for a minute to look at something else.
An older lady who didn't know he was has been looking at the shoes
 walked up and began to examine them.
Kaden, not know what to do and wanting his shoes back looked up at her and said,
"That your size, NO."

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Gandy said...

How precious! Kaden knows what he wants and his way of expressing himself is great...Says what he means and means what he says....The love in your home sure goes both ways, doesn't it???Looking forward to seeing you all soon...Gandy