Not Forgotten Meeting

Yesterday we attended the Not Forgotten adoption support group meeting.
It was so much fun!
We met a few families for the first time, and were able to catch up with others.
It was so great to see so many beautiful kids with their forever families!
The adults talked, the kids played, and we stayed out until around 9pm! 
We had such a good time last night!
It was great getting to be around so many amazing families and hear their stories.
We look forward to doing it again soon!


Ashleigh Stem said…
Great pics! We went to a mtg in February, did you know I am moving?
Brittany said…
Ashleigh you're moving!?! Not far, I hope?
Ashleigh Stem said…
I am moving next week to Indiana :( very bitter sweet, do you have Skype?
Brittany said…
Yes we do! All the way to Indiana:( I'll miss you and your family.
Ashleigh Stem said…
Yay! We will have to Skype, I miss seeing you regularly ! My dad got a new job and that is where God is calling us!
We will miss you too!
Brittany said…
We'll definitely have to Skype. I'll be thinking about your family and missing you guys. I hope everything goes well with the move and transition. GOD BLESS!