King's Dominion

We've been busy! 
 Tomorrow is the first official day of Summer,
but it feels like its been summer for a while.
We've been living it up!
A could of weeks ago, (yes, I'm behind on blogging)
we went to King's Dominion for the day. 
It was so much fun, and we all had a blast.
It was Kaden and Bethany's first time, and it was great to see how excited they were about everything.
David, Brandon and I decided to be brave and go on the "big" rides.
I have to admit being nervous at first,
but I actually loved them!
We went on rides that went upside down for the first time, and found out that they really are a lot less scary then we thought.
David and I also went on the Drop Tower for the first time!

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Evan said...

I have never heard of this place before. Looks like a blast!

Brittany, you look beautiful, happy...HEALTHY! I envy your fantastic long braid!

Hugs-happy summer!