Bethany Update

Oh, Bethany...
My beautiful, beautiful sister...
How we all love you!
We are completely smitten around here with Bethany!
She is 2.5 years old, and such a darling!
I am happy to report that Bethany is potty trained!
Except for naptime and at night, Bethany is completely diaper free.
My mom could speak more to this, but I personally like the way Bethany was potty trained.
My mom waited until she was ready (and for summer - less clothes that way!),
and introduced the potty, explaining how it was used. 
 The next step was to simply take her diaper off and show her that she could use the "big girl potty."
Yes, there were accidents, but for the most part, Bethany did great!
After a couple months of this, she is always using the potty and can do it on her own, although we are always nearby to help if needed.
I am also very happy that Bethany is out of the "NO!" stage.
Again, it comes back occasionally, but at this point we rarely here her yelling it.
With Kaden at 1/2 day Montessori school, we no longer need a nanny during the morning.
Brandon, David and I take turns with Bethany in the mornings during school time.
This works for us.
During this time, we don't have to entertain Bethany, exactly, but it is our job to be available if she needs anything.
I usually work on school at my desk and set her up with Play Dough or something similar.  
She does amazing with playing quietly by herself. 
Sometimes it is mind blowing for me to see her laying on her stomach quietly coloring!
One thing that we are working on with Bethany is her eating.
Bethany LOVES  juice.
She could just drink, drink, drink all day.
But she gets full of juice and won't eat,
so we are working with her to help her with that.
When Bethany was younger, we were a bit concerned about her speech.
We shouldn't have been, though!
As soon as we had her speech evaluated, she took off orally, and has NO problem talking now!
One thing that I love is that I can really enjoy Bethany now.
When I was sick, I honestly couldn't at all.
My life was consumed by my eating disorder, and I remember crying because I finally had what I always wanted - a baby sister- and I couldn't enjoy her.
Thankfully, I'm making up for that now and honestly love the time I spend with my baby girl.
So, here's a little update on our Bethany.
If you haven't already picked it up I hope you can see that
we absolutely love her to death, and I cant imagine life without her.


Gandy said...

Because I have had the pleasure of seeing you two together, I know the bond you have with her, and the love she has for you....You are both very blessed to have each other and we are blessed to have both of you!!!!

elizabethquiver said...

That first picture of her is absolutely lovely. Enjoy, yes, enjoy her! Do not worry the rarer moments when you do not, God's spirit still prevails.