2 Months, Minus 2 Days

Life has been a whirlwind for the past year.
April 2014 saw me wrapping up my sophomore year of homeschool high schooling, working part time with Dad, doing as many services projects as I could, and daydreaming about Nicaragua.  

But this year, whoa!
I'm in my last few weeks of my junior year at Trinity Christian school, and loving every minute of it. I'm as busy as I can be with homework, school, soccer, family and life, but what a joy it is.

And now, finally, I am able to share a dream that has been conspiring in me for months and is finally a reality.  
It's mission trip time again!  

The second summer hits and school gets out, I'll be boarding a plan to South Africa, and the adventure of a lifetime.  
The plane ticket has been purchased, and the excitement is building. 

2 months, minus 2 days...
here we go! 

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