Week 5.5 ~ Kentucky and the Creation Museum

While we are on a role of favorites, it won't take me long to confess that Kentucky is currently my favorite state.  The reason?  Hitting Kentucky feels like we are finally popping out of our little North Carolina/ South Carolina/ Virginia bubble to the rest of the country, and it is exciting! 
While I adore the mountains of Virginia and my family there, enjoy exploring South Carolina, and love my friends in NC, it is very nice to feel like we are finally getting somewhere else on our adventure.  Where we are in Kentucky is far from the flat, Southern-feeling farm country I envisioned.  It is very mountainy, full of twisting roads, forests, cool mornings and breathtaking sunsets. One surprise Kentucky had for us is it's odd placement in the time zone arena.  While we are still technically on Eastern Standard Time, we are very close to the time zone border, making the summer evenings stay light for quite a long time.  It doesn't get fully dark until around 10pm! 
On one of these evenings, we were biking down a steep hill when Kaden took fall. I was riding right behind him when he crashed, and was amazed to see that he was barely hurt.   We turned around and got Kaden cleaned up at the RV.  His chin was split a little, but didn't require stitches.  It was kind of surreal to see the scratches on his helmet and realize how much God protected him.   
Our main reason reason for going to Kentucky was to visit the Creation Museum and Ark replica headed up by Ken Ham.  We visited the creation museum Thursday as a family, and with the older crew returning again on Friday. It was pretty amazing!  Along with the museum, they had a beautiful garden, shows, displays, and other activities. 
 (Taken Friday when just the older crew went with Mom)

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