Week 10: Arches National Park, UT

Within moments of stepping out of the car and into Arches National Park, I was in awe.
Miles upon miles of valleys with nearly indescribable rock structures and arches stretched on father than the eye could see.  I simply couldn't wrap my mind around the grandeur of the bizarre place, and apparently neither could my camera.  Try as I might, no shot could show the magnitude of the National Park. Some places simply refuse to be captured by word or image, and Arches was one such place.  However, never one to be stopped by a challenging - bordering on impossible - shot, I pressed on, taking nearly 500 photos in our week there, none doing complete justice, but all giving glimpses of the beautiful place.   

Early in the week we went out as a family to get a feel for the arches, see the visitors center, and pick up junior ranger packets for the yougest two.  Later in the week, however, we split up going with just the big kids or just the little ones.  Gilbarte Life Hack: Don't spend extended amounts of time in the car if it can be helped. They rarely end well. 

 Dad and I got up early one morning to hike to Delicate Arch.  It is the most famous, and featured in many popular photos. 

 Historic drawing from the Indian of the area.

We also visited a state park in the area one late afternoon for the sun set.  It was equally as beautiful as Arches National Park! 

 Though we enjoyed Arches, we sorely missed the glorious Colorado temperatures.  By 11am in Utah, it is too hot to do pretty much anything.  We kept much of our sightseeing and exploring for the early morning, and occasionally later evening, hours, spending the afternoons in the campground.  Along with the national park, there was an unmatchably scenic bike trail just across the highway from the campground.  Sadly, we only discovered how great it was on our last evening at place, though we thoroughly enjoyed it then. 

Come on in, Week 11 - we can't believe you're already upon us, but we're ready for you! 

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