First Church Experience

Bethany and Kaden have been home for about 2 months now,
but until today we haven't taken them to church, mainly due to colds.
This Sunday, thought,  we had a special Christmas service,
and that is simply to much fun to pass up!
We got Bethany  a special Christmas dress, and hair bow,
and although it took a few tries, we finally found a shirt that Kaden want to wear, and that made him say,
"Like it, like it!"
The service was great.  There were drums, and dancers, and puppets, and lots of songs.
Brandon and David even sang with their church classes!
My mom and the two little guys and I spent some time in the family room, but they did well and I think it was a very successful first time at church.

She is so cute!
Brandon and David sang "All I want for Christmas is My Two Front Teeth", and although a little more secular than normal, it was still really cute.
All the way home Kaden kept saying,
"two front teef,
two front teef!"
How was everyone else's Sunday?

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gandy said...

A morning at church, huh? Guess it was the first time a lot of your friends had a chance to meet your new bro - and your sister too. Would have liked to be a fly on the wall to see the smiles..Love you - and your blog!