Funny Kaden Sentences

At David's gymnastics meet we were walking to the entrance and passed a nice older man who waved and Kaden and said in a Southern accent, "Hi, Bud." 
Kaden looked back, and without stopping, he smiled and said,
"Hi Bud!" right back.
I brush Kaden's teeth in the morning, and it can be a little tough at times. 
To make things easier, I give him my toothbrush and let him brush my teeth for a little while before I brush his.  Once when he was brushing my teeth he stopped
and peered into my mouth, "open," and said.
My mouth was already open, but I opened a little wider.
"more please!"  he said, not satisfied.  I opened my mouth as wide as I possibly could, and he smiled contently and with a pleased smirk on his face said, "Dank-u!"
Brandon, David and Kaden put on an awesome dance show for us last night.
They turned off the overhead lights and only used flashlights.
Kaden was first on the list to dance, and he did great job with dance moves only he make make.
His turn was almost over, and we started clapping for him when he started doing his potty dance and frantically informed us he had to use the bathroom:)
David was asking Kaden about the pronunciation for the Lingalan word for "come".
"is it yolka or is it yoka?"  he asked.  Kaden listened to him say it both ways for a minute and with a look that said, "he'll never get it right,"  looked at David, and said with a beckoning motion,
"No.  No, come."  guess he showed us.


Emma said...

Haha, I loved them all! I also really like your new header!

Gandy said...

Pretty soon, he'll be teaching you all how to speak English! Isn't it great how God has blessed your family and it's new members AND the old members too!

Brooke said...


Ireland said...

That's so funny! He's really super cute! :) And by the way, I answered your question on my blog about the awarding on the flowers in December post! :)