Nine Months

Oh, how fast time goes by.
Our sweet little baby girl is nine months old.
That means she is 3/4 of a year. 
I remember the day we saw her picture so well.  She was just a tiny little 6-day old.
That was the day that my prayer and dream for so many years became a reality.
It was so hard watching her grow up without us.  First it was her one month birthday,
then two... then three... four... 
and when my Mom and Dad were in Congo she turned 5 months.

Six months ago I blogged about Bethany turning 3 months old.
But that post did not tell how strongly my heart yearned to be with her on that day.
I couldn't write how much she and Kaden were on my mind.
How it sometimes hurt to think about them because we didn't know when they could come home...

Now that she is home, I take her for granted all to much.
Her sweetness, and personality, and just that she is my sister.  
yes, even little girls like firetrucks.  How can you blame them?

At nine months Bethany is dancing and clapping instead of crawling,
 and that is fine by me!
She is babbling "da da" and things, but I'm trying to get her to say "Ba Ba" for Brittany.
Brandon and David called me "Ninny" before they could say "Brittany", so we'll she if she'll do the same or if she'll give me her own name.
I love Bethany so, so much!


The Mac Fam said...

I love how you just speak from your heart. I know all about that yearning. Enjoy your baby sister b/c you'll blink and she'll be all grown up. :0)

Ireland said...

She is ADORABLE!!!! Love her! And, I tagged you on my blog! :)

Gandy and pop said...

Couldn't you just squeeze those cheeks! Lucky you, you get to! Love you always....