Another Music Man

For those of you that have been following my blog for a little while,
you know that David is the families music man.
He loves loud, rocky music, is learning to play the ukulele and is getting really good at it.
Now, though, he has someone who likes the guitar almost as much as he does.
And who sings.
Really funny songs.
Such as his version of Jesus is Still Alright, Zacchaeus was a Wee Little Man, All I want for Christmas is my Two Front Teeth, Brittany Come Back Soon (my favorite!) and so many other ones.
It is so funny to listen to him singing and strumming on the guitar with David's pick.


Emma said...

So cute! Great pictures too!

Gandy and Pop said...

Love the idea of Caden learning to strum (if that is what it is called) He and Katie need to get together - she can really make some music and adds to that by singing!!!