Moments like these...

Moments like these make me love having a camera.
I love capturing the sweet moments.
the looks,
the smiles.
and the silly faces.
...The laughter...
...the moments of discovery,
and the quiet times.
I also love photography Kaden with Bethany.
He is amazingly sweet and loving to her.
He wants to feed her, to brush her hair, to make her happy.
He says that she is "his Bethany," or as he puts it in Lingala, "Defany enguyie."
He is such a sweet big brother.


Kelly said...

And you are such a sweet big sister! Thanks for sharing some of these special moments here so we can see, too. We miss you all!

Gandy said...

You are right about capturing these moments on film...before you know it, you will all grow up and these days will be a memory...I so love going back and looking at our family's old pictures...Love the pictures, and the picture taker....

Renee from A Baker's Dozen said...

Such sweet, sweet babies! And I'd love to be added before you go private.