My Brittany

Things like this just make me smile.
Kaden has transitioned from calling our Mom and Dad
 "Momma" and "Papa" to "Mommy and Daddy".
Sometimes he'll say to them, "You my Daddy."  or "You my Mommy."
"Yes!"  we tell him.  They are your Mommy and Daddy.  Always.
Then yesterday in the car he pointed to me.
"You my Brittany."  He told  me.
"Ommm, yes,"  I said. "I am your sister."
He nodded satisfied.  "You my Brittany."  He said again, and this time I didn't correct him,
I liked the sound of that.
I am his Brittany.


Gandy said...

What a beautiful blog!!! Everything about Kaden's life has changed because he has a forever family.- a Mom and Dad who will always do what is right for him..Add to that, a teenage sister who loves him beyond belief, and two brothers who will always be there when he needs them! Families are the stepping stone to all that is to come..aren't we blessed?

Layla and Josiah said...

This was such an amazing post. I loved reading it and seeing how he's changed when he has a family.