Enjoying Home and Away from Home

It is so nice to be home.
But I really haven't been home for  most of my time since being discharged from the hospital.
The day after I came home, we left and went to my grandparents house in VA.
There we celebrated my Dad and David's birthdays.
I was so glad to be there for that!
I have missed all my other family's birthdays (including mine!) since Kaden's birthday in March.
But now I can finally be with and enjoy my family for these special occasions.
After that we came home for a couple days and left again to go to the Great Wolf Lodge.
The water park was fun, but challenging. 
wearing bathing suits (even though I wear the pants + shirt kind) are still hard for me.
I have to learn how to not believe lies and focus on the truth about my body.
So that's what I've been up to.  What about you?

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