Pirates in the house!

Despite my best intentions,
it has been yet another week since I last posted.
I'll have to work on that. But anyway, this ought to be a pretty good post.
Last week our town hosted a "Pirate Fest" where they had people dressed like pirates come and
put on little shows, demonstrations and such.
Some of our pirates showed up too...
Although I'm still not quite sure why they chose pirates (generally robbers, thieves, etc.) as something to make a special day out of,
we still had a lot of fun dressing up and watching the shows.
Kaden was a little scared of the people dressed up,
but he though it was pretty cool, too.
Yeah, we had a fun day.
Did you all do anything fun this past weekend?
Have you ever been to a Pirate Fest?


Kelly said...

We have never been to the pirate fest but would love an invite. :) Great to see some more photos of fun family times! Bethany looks like she is getting so big! We miss you all and can't wait for summer.

Gandy said...

What a good lookin' bunch of pirates! Looking at your pix makes me realize, yet again, that family is the first group of people who accept us no matter what! Keep the great pix comin' - they warm my heart..and so do you...... Next bunch needs a pix of YOU!!

allan said...

Great blog.
Just found it today via the Congo Blog list.
So great to read a blog from someone with a different perspective, who is not the adopting mother, like most blogs, not that I do not like them.
The #1 day home is my favorite. Thanks for the video's of them coming home.