Not just our weather is crazy,
our town is crazy!
Let me explain,
tonight at about 9:00pm we heard these loud banging sounds. They honestly sounded like gun shots,
and I got a little anxious after 5 had gone off and they just kept coming.
We looked out the windows, but couldn't see anything. 
Then my Mom realized it was fireworks!
Yes, fireworks! 
We all went out on our front porch, (Kaden was awakened by the banging) to watch it.
I was a little nervous about how Kaden work react, (there was a lot of war in DR Congo)
At first he was timid and went back inside, but when he saw that we weren't afraid and were enjoying the strange lights he came out again.
"Lights in na sky!" He told us wonderingly.
We told him that they were really fun to watch, and he didn't have to be scared.
"light-works."  he said, and we told him, "no, they were fire works,"  but he
insisted they were "light-works", and really that makes more sense anyway.
After watching them for a while he said, "Na Congo, no.  In na 'Merica."  (not in Congo, in America)
So I guess this was his first time seeing fire works.
America is kind of neat and really strange, he must think, and it's true.
I think most Americans will agree we do some pretty weird stuff over here, but we have fun with it, right?
Anyway, just chronicling our late-Friday-night-surprise for the blogging world.
Good night!

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