A Taste Of Summer...

Our weather is crazy...
it went from Winter to Summer in a matter of days.
Short sleeves are on everyone in our house.  And we are enjoying the outside weather.
Yesterday it was hot enough to bring out the sprinkler.
I think the following pictures will tell you more than words ever could:)
Kaden loves the sprinkler, and was so excited about his bathing suit.
Bethany has been explore in the great outdoors too.  She gets cuter everyday!
I'm hoping it won't get too hot too fast,
but this first taste of summer sure is nice!


Emma said...

I love your sprinkler, and your siblings are so cute!

Emma Mcclelland said...

Our weather was exactly the same! Quite frankly, I am enjoying it! :)

Gandy said...

What beautiful family pictures! Our new babies are growing right before our eyes - and you have provided a small slice of heaven to them...Now, they need to get you in some pictures!!Love to all.