Kaden Quote #6 and a Big Thank You

This is probably my favorite Kaden Quote so far.
It happened on the way back from Gatlinburg.
We had been traveling for several hours and I was sitting in the middle seat in between Kaden and Bethany.
Kaden had been talking for a long time about everything and asking questions about everything.
Finally I asked him if he would like to listen to praise music with me on my MP3 player,
and he did. 
After a couple of minutes he leaned over close to me a whispered
"I love you so much!"
"What?" I asked, taking my earphone out.
"I love Brittany so much!" he said again.
My heart melted. 
 Just hearing him say that made all the questions and talking worth it.
It reminded me that what I and the my parents do for my siblings,
even if its just little things, are appreciated, even if the appreciation is not expressed. 
It made me think about all my parents have done for me that I never thought to thank them for.
All these years of caring for me and taking care of my needs... and only on days like Mother's and Father's day are they thanked. 
So right now I want to say it.
Thank you, Mom!
Thank you, Dad!
Thank you so much all you have done and are doing in my life. 
Without you two in my life, I don't know where I'd be.
Thank you for all you do and don't get thanked for.
thank you for all the long nights you were (and are!) up with me and my siblings.
Even though we don't always remember to thank you,
you are appreciated, so, so, so much!
We wouldn't know what to do without you and are so grateful to have you as parents.
so thanks again, Mom and Dad. 
Thank you SO much!

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