Kaden and Bethany Quotes (#24-25 and #9)

I thought I'd lighten up my writing a bit by throwing in some cute Bethany and Kaden quotes. 

In the car one day,
 Kaden was talking on and on about how much he wanted to buy baby clothes for himself.
 As hard as we tried to explain that there simply were not baby-style clothes made for a nearly 6 year old boy, he would not be stopped.
"We can buy yots of clothes!" he said,
"Mommy fings, and baby fings for me.  I'll buy a crib and a swing... and diapers!"
(Kaden adores baby diapers)
"We can look on the computer when we get home!
Right Mom?"
 By this time most of us were tuning him out; still he continued:
"Right, Dad?"
"Right Defany?"
"Right Brittany?"
"Right...?" and with a big sigh: "Oh well."
Tonight after dinner, Bethany found a lady bug, and was enjoying showing it to everyone. 
She showed it to Brandon, Whitey (our dog), me, and my mom.
When Mom said it, she smiled and said, 
"Aw, he's a-dori-ble!"
"Yes!" Bethany agreeded, "him is a-dori-ble!"

My mom and I were working on my history for the week.
It was rough, because I hadn't reviewed the material since Christmas break started, and didn't really remember any of it.
I thrive on writing intensive work, not just reading and answering question. 
I tried to explain that the text book I was using just wasn't working for me.
"This isn't how I'm wired, Mom," I said, "I just cant learn like this."
Then, from across the room, I hear Kaden yell,
"Sure you can, Brittany!  Sure you can!"

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