A Week of Growth

I remember waking up on the morning of my first full day here - one week ago today.  I climbed out of bed and pulled back the window shades to get my first real look at this place I had dreamed about for so long.  It was absolutely beautiful!  The early morning African sun shone down, casting everything in its golden light.  I saw ladies in long, colorful skirts walking down the road with woven baskets in hand, kids riding their bikes on the way to school, and the usual bustle of the morning.  It was a surreal moment to say the least.  
And today I sit and look out that same window, this time as the late afternoon sun slides lower and lower in the sky.  Today was busy, though less straining than days at the creshe.  With administration day comes the tasks of grocery shopping for the creshe and for food baskets, running errands, searching for furniture for a house the McMillians are helping a lady to furnish, and, believe it or not, visiting all the local scrap yards in town for materials to built a shack for another lady who is in need of one.
Mrs. Mimi is one busy lady, yet I see every day how God fills her up with a glowing passion and love for the people He's put in her life to disciple, and vision of transformation that He's given her.  I have truly found a second family in the McMillians here in South Africa.  God has given me an incredible growth and transformation opportunity through Mrs. Mimi's untiring heart to help me to grow and find what God would have for me as she disciples me practically 24/7.
We run around town to pick up groceries, search for the best deal on window and door frames, and visit the creshe, and all the while she is pouring into me and being God's voice.  I am realizing that missionary life is not easy, and the McMillians will be the first to tell you so.  There are so many walls and barriers that must be broken down, connections that need to be made, relationships that can only develop properly with tons of time and effort, and the need for endless amounts of patience and grace from God.  Yet even in the work, I constantly witness a resilience, a will to press on, and the sight of breakthrough peeking through in the distance.  My first full week here has been beautiful as I am watching God work through this trip.  
Over long days, multiple cups of coffee and tea, and endless servings of "Bop", I am seeing His face shining more clearly, and am witnessing His healing work in my life. 
South Africa, God is using you as a mission to me.    

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