Light in the Darkness

It was such a sweet Father's Day Sunday to be reminded of the father heart of my God...
I found myself feeling quite down with the weight of my helplessness in Huncie's life.  
Thinking much about her as well as discussing her situation with the teachers and others who may have advice only confirmed the utter silence of our voices against the empty ears of the government.  
And this morning left me wondering just what must I do?
And then we took off for church and the Lord encouraged me so greatly through the message.  Based out of Luke 15, the pastor talked through the stories of the lost sheep, lost coin, and the prodigal son.  In each case I saw Huncie's mother being sought after in love by the Lord as he waits for her to respond.  I listened to the parable as the Father saw His son so far off in the distance and ran to meet her with arms wide open.  As soon as Huncie's mother turns and looks toward her Father, I know he will, as He promises, run to meet her right where she is and take her home.
So very thankful for this sweet morning when my Father picked me up and reminded of His love.  He is in control, He truly, truly is.

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Gandy said...

Accidentally figured out how to message you only days before you come disappointed that I haven't been able to write every single day! Didn't realize it was possible, and didn't see anybody at the beach writing to you, so I read your posts, listened to your family talking about talking to you, and never knew that I could have been in touch with you every single day! So sorry that I didn't know!!
YOur posts are have been truly the image of a saint to these beautiful people! Neither you, nor they, will ever forget the summer of love you have experienced.....I love you too, and am so very moved by the size of your heart...Gandy