Homecoming 2017

With four more months left of Senior year, I am finding that time to reflect and blog on all that is going on is short and limited.  Days are full, long and busy! but wonderful, and full of God's grace.  
Though the days can become long and I end one exhausted, my heart is full with the simple joys of it all.  From the little things like tutoring little buddies after school and joking around with best friends, to the big things such as Spirit Week and Homecoming, it is rare moment I have time 
to chronicle all that is happening.   

During Homecoming, I was given the unexpected, thrilling, and absolute honor of being crowned Trinity Christians School's 2017 Homecoming Queen!   
After being a student at Trinity for only a year and a half of high school, it was completely humbling and beautiful to be given such an honor.  

I am so thankful for the lifelong friends this beautiful school has given me, and how unconditionally and selflessly each teacher pours herself out for each one of us.  
Trinity is one of the best and greatest gifts I have ever been given.  

On the day of homecomeing, we left school at the half day mark - ll:37am, to be exact.  We went out for smoothies and then home to get ready.  

Morgan is a master at makeup and hair, and saved my life by offering to take care of mine completely.  As you can expect, I was greatly relieved and thankful! 

In addition to Morgan, we had Erin, Britany Cox, Michaela and Ashlee over.  It was quite a party! 

Pre-homecoming photos with Ash.

Ashlee and Bethany

Joshua Cherry, my "Cherry on top of homecoming" :) 

Doing highschool with these girls has been such a blessing! 

After what felt like forever, the ceremony began.

2016's Homecoming King and Queen - Jamison Dail and Hannah Hedgepeth.  
Benjamin Weese and Ashlee Coyle.

Evan Best and Micheala Dew. 

Matthew Sloan and Erin Harris.

The "Cherry on top" and me :). 

And then, after many more couples, came and the surprise!  
"Trinity Christian School's 2017 Homecoming King, Jayden Maciszek!  And 2017 Homecoming Queen, Brittany Gilbarte!" 

Total Brittany power!  Homecoming Queen 
and Homecoming Runner Up:  Brittany Gilbarte and Brittany Cox. 

The King and I. 

My wonderful, Jesus adoring friend and Homecoming 2016's queen, Hannah Hedgepeth and me. 

Love is gal.  She was so excited that her sister got a crown :)

Some of my favorite ladies in all the world.

Principle Gray and I. 

Afterwards we headed to Buffalo Wild Wings for dinner and a time to talk over the events of the evening.  It was certainly a night to remember! 

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