Gunsi Update

Eight months after hugging little Gunsi goodbye for the last time, 
I still have the incredible privilege of watching her and sweet little Metalepule grow up.
Every few weeks I'll text Ms. Dorah to see how things are with the creshe and beg for a few photos of Gunsi.  On top of that, Not Forgotten is really good about keeping
 their Facebook page updated, and though it sometimes requires some searching,  I can almost always spot my baby somewhere in the photos.  

Technology has its ups and downs, but getting to watch Gunsi 
and Metalepule grow and thrive is a major perk.  
Leaving South Africa meant leaving a huge piece of my heart with the children I loved and friendships I cherished.  For months and months I begged God to let me go back to where my heart was.  Some days my heart leaped as I thought the answer was yes.  Other days I wanted to cry as I watched the door seem to close.  Right now, it looks as though SA will not be a huge part of my immediate future, though I look forward to a possibly visiting within the next two years, and then doing part of my college missions training there within the next three years.  
Sometimes the answer is no, as I feared.  But other times the answer is wait, and God has given me the grace to be ok with that as other doors are opening.  

Anyway, back to the girls!
Gunsi is now about 18 months and thriving!  The little miracle is catching up quickly after her rough start and is doing wonderfully.
I was able to watch her sit up on her own, scoot, crawl and now even WALK through pictures and videos.  I was even able to see her "in person" take some of her first step through FaceTime and cheer her on from across the ocean.  My baby is doing so very well.  

Gunsi in the picture above was beginning to get better, but still had a long road ahead of her.  I was preparing to leave within the next couple days, and my heart was heavy not knowing what was going to happen to her.  I remember thinking that it was nice seeing her doing well that day, because I secretly feared she wouldn't make it in the months
ahead. I should have just trusted my God!  He has her in the palm of His hands and she is doing so well, as shown in the picture to the right.  

Gunsi is walking!
So proud of her.  
It made my heart happy
 seeing how much she adored
 Ms. Kedi and how much 
Ms. Kedi loved her. 

Little Metalepule has completely transformed!  From a lethargic and struggling child who would rarely make eye contact with me, she has grown into a THRIVING, healthy, and joyful little girl.  It made my heart so happy to speak to her through FaceTime and see her smile shyly and speak into the camera.  Honestly, the change is so dramatic that I wouldn't have even recognized her if I Mrs. Mimi hadn't told me it was Metalepule.  We are praising God the miracle of these girls lives! 

Metalupule in July (left) and Metalepule in January (right)

 So blessed by these girls and the miraculous work God has done in their lives! 

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