A life changer video, and a day in our lives

I found this video on All God's Children's website.  I was very touched by it.  I hope you are too.  Please pray for all the orphans who are/will be adopted, but even more, pray for those who wont.

  • On Sunday my cousins brought their kids over to play with us.  Their kids names are Rylan and Allie, and they will be staying with us for a few days while their parents go to Colorado for a wedding.  They were a lot of fun, and they are really sweet kids.  

  • A cutie pie named Liam came over to play. (be babysat)  He is such a sweetheart!  He wakes up laughing and is a really easy baby.  What is really neat is that he is the same age as our Benjamin.  Wouldn't that be cool if they became friends!?  

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Kelly said...

You all are so ready for some more little loves in your home. Your African angels have no idea what lies ahead of them...more love than they have ever known!!