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No comments, guys?   Really?  Oh well, just comment on this post.  Here is our news:  Our family...  is... ADOPTING!!! yep, you read it right.  The Gilbartes are going to be adding two new members from Africa!  Mom and Dad told us December 3, 2011.  At that point we only new that we were going to adopt, not from where.   The weeks following the announcement were spent on ALOT of prayer, research and discussion.  Then on December 31, 2011-the last day of the 2011- we made the decision to adopt from an extremely needy country in Africa.  I did some research on the country and what I read broke my heart.  One of the most heartbreaking things i read was that, from a survey in 2004, every month over 45,000 people died or were killed.  Nearly half dead were children under 5.  The agency we are working with doesn't allow us to put the country on the internet for some reason, but after we get our little people home, I'll make a page all about their native country.
Please pray for us and our little ones, and keep coming back to my blog for updates.

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