Look Back on 4th grade

When i was in fourth grade it was my 2nd year homeschooling.  I don't think i liked it very much the first year, but I LOVE it now!  Well anyway, now that Brandon is in fourth grade he is doing all (or most) of the same stuff i was doing, so it is fun to compare his writing assignments (etc) to mine.  Here is a funny example of a limerick from today:

This is my poem from about 3 years ago:

Brother Bran, what a man!
Always watching ECU if he can,
What will do for the rest of the day?
Who knows… will he ever play?
Yes Bran, that’s a better plan!

And Brandon's from a few hours ago:

The cow jumped over the moon,
And he said, "all see ya soon!"
And said, "a-wick-a-wick-a-wee!"
"And then I’ll see yee!"
The cow jumped over the moon!

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