8 years

Can it be that this little baby...
is 8 years old?  Can it possible that this little guy...

is now one of the big kids?
I guess so. 
David is not a stranger on the blog, so most of you know a little (or a lot!) about him,
but in honor of the occasion, I'll tell you a little more about him.
David is a gymnast.  He is always flipping, climbing, do head stands etc.  He is a level 4 gymnast and just got chosen to be on the team.

David is a dare devil.  When we are tubing at my grandparents house (which is on a lake)  he always wants to go on the "tippiest" and hardest tube to stay onto, and he loves it!
David has a big personality.  He likes loud, rocky, rappy music.  And guitars and ukuleles.  He likes to be different and funny.
He loves Brandon, and Brandon loves him.  When David and Brandon were little, Brandon would call David "Buddy"  and David would call Brandon "Nannon". 
David is a good listener and talker.  Sometimes he come to me and askes if I want to talk, and we disscuss the day and other things that are happening. 
And as a last of all David is great with little people.  I am amazed what a good helper he is when we babysit, and he will be a great big brother!

And here are David's party pictures




Emma said...

Aww.. Happy birthday to your brother!

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