An Amazing Discovery

Another fun day with our Grandparents!
We are truly blessed to have such fun grandparents as we have!
Everyday this week we have done something fun, interesting, and of course, educational:)
Today we went to New Bern to the Tryon Palace.

At the museum we got an amazing surprise.
It all started with a nice older man working there who gave us a challenge to find a list of things in the museum displays.  By the time we left this man felt like a third grandfather to me!  We were the only people there so he was able to give us his whole attention.  He would tell us what to find, we would go look for it, and go get him when we found it. 
When I was trying to find a portrait of John Roberts someone started calling me, and I went to see what it was.
My grandparents were staring at a display with a picture.
"Guess who this is," my grandma said pointing to a man in the picture.
I though  I recognized him, but before I said anything she told me,
"It's your great grandfather!"  I studied the picture.
There was an African American man, a lady, and a man with his head turned.  They were standing in a flower field working.  The lady was bunch of tulips.

Brandon ran to show the man, and my grandfather started telling him the family history. (the simple version)
My great grandfather came to America from Holland,
 and helped to found Terra Ciea. 
He grew flowers, lots and lots of flowers!
It was so amazing seeing that picture, it made so many stories come to life.  That man also has Holland ancestry, it was simply amazing!



Hannah said...

That is so cool! :)

The Mac Fam said...

That is really amazing Brittany. It was so good to see you and your brothers yesterday. And of course to meet your grandparents. I am so glad you are all doing so well.