Thank You!

Thank you so much to everyone who has donated baby formula!  We were able to pack one or two big trunk load of it! 

So right now we are enjoying being this family....

and are looking forward to being this family.  Really looking forward.  A lot.
sorry, we still cannot show you their beautiful faces for a couple more weeks:(
We are also doing a lot of getting ready, and we almost are... I hope.

ready to travel!


The Mac Fam said…
Such exciting times!!!
Emma said…
Very exciting! I can see that you can't wait for your siblings to come home!
Gandy said…
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Eli OKeefe said…
Hi Brittany! I think it's so exciting that you're adopting! I'm 17 and I have always wanted to adopt when I get married:) I'll see where God leads I suppose:)
Enjoyed reading your thoughts! Can't wait to see your new little bro and sis!
Anonymous said…
wow I cant wait I just wanted to thank brittany for her great blog I just think it is so great that your adopting i'm 8 and I always wanted to adopt when I get older I also want a blog thanks.
p.s sorry since i'm yung my mom says I have to be anonymous by.