Kaden Quote 21 - Life Lessons from a Five Year Old

lick, lick, scarf, scarf, scarf.
I turned around and, to my horror, saw our dog, Whitey, on the table eating someone's dinner.
"BAD DOG!" I yelled at him, running to try to save what was left on the plate.
"Him's not a bad dog!" Kaden yelled, "Brittany, you know that? 
Him's a dog, and dogs do that.  Him's not a people.  He's not bad, because dogs do that a lot.
Dog's... well... dogs, if you get a pet, them's going to do that."
That stopped me dead in my tracks.
How can a five year old be so smart?!
Our dog is not bad.  Our dog is simply a dog, and dogs do things like that.
That doesn't make him bad.
We as people do bad things, and that makes us people, that doesn't make us bad.
It is in our fallen nature to be sinful and to make wrong choices.
That's why we need Jesus to turn our old selves into someone new.
I'll in this post in a song about dogs Kaden wrote and wanted me to type up.  Here it is:
"Dogs have a tail, and they lick, dogs do that.  They want special treats, because him's a dog.
Lelma-laid, it taste good, its so strong.  God is strong.  God makes special things. 
God's so powerful, powerful and strong, because him died on the cross. 
But he did not stay dead,
now we don't have to be dead, because he choose to save us."
Kaden is. amazing.

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Emalee said...

This is so sweet!