When I was 2, I begged for a dog.
I was always told, "When you're eight you can get one, when you're eight."
8 years old could come fast enough for me. 
Finally it happened, and now, nearly 8 years into life with Whitey, I can more clearly see the pros and cons of our dog.
He's usually a sweet dog.
He doesn't like kids he doesn't know, and will growl at them.
He doesn't bite (usually).
His growl scares little kids.
He likes to snuggle
He won't usually come when called.
he's an easy dog to have around the house.
When he's mad, he'll raid the trash cans...and our guests suitcases. 
 (sorry about your hat, Pop!)
I don't think I'll get another dog after Whitey. 
I've learned that dogs are a large responsibility and take work and time.
I am very thankful, though, that my parents gave me the opportunity to have a dog and learn what it is like.
Whitey is like my baby, and I'm thankful for my him and the learning opportunity he has provided.

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Anonymous said...

Great pics of you and the dog. :)