The Sky - God's Canvas

I've often wondered if God specifically designs how to sky looks each day,
or if the sky kind of just happens.
I'll probably never know until I get to heaven,
but I'm beginning to suspect the sky is "painted" by God every day.
One night this week - I think it was Thursday- I took Bethany and Kaden out on a walk.
The sky was amazing and only got more spectacular as the night went on.
The days following, I've paid more attention to the sky.
It has been so amazingly beautiful recently.
If God does "paint" the sky, He's created some masterpieces recently.
I believe that God reveals special truths to young children, who have the faith accept them without question.  I've asked Kaden what he thinks about certain subjects recently, and I've enjoying hearing his insight.
I asked Kaden how he thought the sky was made so beautifully,
and he answered with hesitation that
"God makes it that way."
I'll leave you with pictures that display God's masterpieces.
I hope you'll be as inspired by them as I am.

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